Accessible and Customized Library Automation Software

Mandarin is a HOSTED, SUPPORTED and ROBUST library automation solution.

  • Add, copy, edit, & delete records
  • Simple & advanced editors
  • Print records or list of records
  • Autority Control (optional)
  • Textbook Module (optional)
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mandarin library automation
mandarin library automation m5
  • Loan, return, renew, reserve & booking
  • View patron & item status
  • Display patron & item pictures
  • Process fines & refunds
  • Send email notifications
  • Conduct full or partial inventory
  • Create custom reports
  • E-mail sent when report is ready with link to PDF of report




Mandarin Library Automation m5 preview

“The system has been a solid
performer over the years, at a price
that is reasonable and manageable
for smaller libraries.”
— Peggy Malcolm,
Southern Ontario Library Services


“We are very pleased with
   Mandarin. It has made
 our lives so much easier,
    and the customer service is
 awesome! Thanks Mandarin.”
— Pam Isaacson,
 Burnham Wood Charter Schools


Introducing ...

We are happy to provide you with a quote customized to your needs.

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Mandarin can be hosted on state of the art servers, in the cloud.

  • Annual subscriptions range between $750 for the smallest libraries to $950 for the largest libraries.  Prices are based on the size of the collection and the number of patrons.
  • Mandarin’s highly regarded 24/7 technical support is included in the cost of all subscriptions.
  • Hosting can potentially save money since IT needs will be reduced and libraries will avoid hardware/server expenses.
  • Mandarin provides all updates and backup.

Mandarin can be licensed for you to run on your own server.

  • There is a one-time purchase price of $1250.
  • An annual service and update agreement covering technical support as well as periodic software updates costs $780 for a single site, with lower costs per site for systems with multiple sites.

Whether you choose to license the software or enter into a hosting subscription:

  • There may be a setup, customization and orientation charge for new systems, at an average cost of $250
  • Data conversion services are available from most systems.
  • Union catalogs and server customizations are available.
  • Hardware, including bar code scanners, is available at competitive prices